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The notes your child’s teacher leaves in end of year report card contains powerful information and advice on overcoming challenges experienced throughout the year. The Tutoring Center, Huntington Beach CA has a great post below about utilizing these comments over the summer break.

Is There a...


Help Your Child to See the Relevance of Math

All parents know just how important math is to their daily life. However, the challenge is trying to convince a student of its relevance and benefit. If this sounds all-too-familiar, below is a great activity idea from The Tutoring Center, Huntington...

Boosting Your Child's Reading Level

When it comes to the types of opportunities a student is eligible for during their academic and career path, how well they can read can be a large determining factor. For this reason, it’s important for all children to improve their reading level. The Tutoring...

Keep Your Child’s Mind Sharp During Spring Break

If your children will be enlisted in this year’s spring cleaning efforts, below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Huntington Beach CA with tips on how you can make the task an educational one.

Start With Your Plan

If you only show your children...

Tips to Help Prepare for an Exam

Even if your students don’t enjoy taking exams, it is important for them to take them seriously as the grades they achieve can determine their future educational path. With this in mind, The Tutoring Center, Huntington Beach CA has prepared some information to...

Does Your Child Need Help Improving Their Grades?

As report cards make their way home, students all around the country hope and pray that theirs will become lost in the mail and that their parents will forget. However, each year those hopes go unanswered and parents find themselves looking at...
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