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Some children love to read and getting lost in worlds of fantasy. Other children love other activities. While there's nothing wrong with this, a child with a reading aversion may be missing out on all of the great benefits that can come with reading often (improved academic skills, more general knowledge, better communication skills, etc.). If you notice that your child avoids reading, this post will tell you why that may be and how reading tutoring can assist your child.

Why Some Children Avoid Reading

There Could Be a Physical Problem

The first reason to explore is the possibility of a physical problem. If you notice that your child complains about headaches or sensitive eyes after they read, a visit to the ophthalmologist may be to rule out any sight problems.

The Material Isn't Interesting

A child that loves the sea may not be interested in space adventures. If you suspect your child doesn't enjoy the material they're reading, take them to the library and let them pick a book that interests them. Just remember to check that it's appropriate for them.

They Have a Challenging Time Understanding

Lastly, a child may avoid reading if they don't understand the text they're going over. There can be several explanations for this (the text is overly complicated, your child needs help with their reading skills, or there's a learning disability to consider). In any case, a tutor or psychologist can help.

An expert tutor can provide the accompaniment, guidance, time, and attention your child requires to master their reading skills. Call The Tutoring Center, Huntington Beach, CA, at (714) 377-7733 to enroll your child in reading tutoring.


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