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For a student, taking good notes is one of the best skills they can have. This is because effective notes can be your primary study material, which will help you reinforce your school lessons and perform better in tests. To ensure you improve your note-taking skills, the post below will share a few tips you can follow.

How to Take Good Notes that Will Help You Study

  1. First, it can be challenging to find and understand your notes if your notebooks are messy and disheveled. To keep clean and organized notebooks, have one for each of your subjects and don't doodle, as this could be distracting.
  2. To take good notes in class, you need to be fast. To make sure you won't miss any of the ideas the teacher is sharing, have your writing tools ready to go at a moment's notice.
  3. Next, you should have a writing strategy so that you can be a quick, effective note-taker. For example, instead of writing down every single word the teacher says, focus on finding the main ideas and noting them down.
  4. While speed is necessary to avoid missing important information as you write, you shouldn't compromise legibility and coherence. Use your best penmanship and formulate complete ideas so you can actually understand your notes.
  5. Your notes will likely be filled with information. To make sure you won't lose the most important information (definitions, formulas, dates, names, etc.), emphasize it with your highlighters and colored pens.
  6. Finally, take a chance to review the notes you took. Read through them to ensure everything is clear. If you're missing information or are confused about something, turn to your teacher or a peer.

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