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Summer learning loss is a phenomenon that takes place when students forget much of what they learned during the previous school year. It happens when students neglect their academics over their summer break. To ensure your child won't go through it, you can help them practice their math skills at home while they're on vacation. To learn how, continue reading the post below.

How to Practice Math at Home

  1. For starters, you can search for practice sheets online. You can probably find ones that are suited to their grade and math lessons. Use incentives to encourage them to complete them correctly and use their math knowledge.
  2. For some students, learning math is useless. This is because they don't understand that math is everywhere. To help your child practice math and dispel that thought, use math in real-life scenarios (for example, when cooking or paying the bills).
  3. Another way to help your child practice and keep their knowledge fresh in their mind is to talk to them about math. For instance, you can ask them to explain a math concept or problem every once in a while.
  4. Finally, there is a slew of apps and games designed to help children practice math in a fun way. Provide a couple of them to your child, so they can play and strengthen their math skills all at once.

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