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Students from near and far and from now and then have all used highlighters as a way to learn and study for their tests. Still, using a highlighter alone won't do much for your learning process. If you want to learn to use a highlighter as an effective study tool, continue reading the post below.

How to Study With a Highlighter

  1. The first tip is that you should realize that highlighting your textbook alone won't help you learn. Highlighters are a study aid meant to support other study methods (for example, taking notes).
  2. A good idea to make the most out of your highlighters and stay organized is to color-code your notes. Assign a highlighter color to a different type of information (e.g., blue for dates). This will help you have a clearer vision of the information you need to learn.
  3. mistake to avoid is to highlight every single word in a text. Highlighting everything means that nothing will stand out, which will make your study efforts more confusing and less effective. Don't scribble, doodle or over-highlight so you can stay focused on learning your lessons.
  4. Finally, highlight with care. The idea of the highlight is to make important information stand out. To truly understand what's important about a text, you should read it a few times over before you start highlighting it.

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